Snowy Range

Professional and amateur photographers find the area a feast for their lenses. From the jumbled weathered rock formations of Vedauwoo to the incredible grandeur of the Snowy Range Mountains that are outdoor perfection. For more information about the Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area go to


We have some of the best trails for all skill levels of mountain biking. In the Vedauwoo area alone we have over 100 marked trails. We have 2 bike shops to help you in any way. Come and find your adventure.

Get Lost

Albany County is a place that has attracted adventure seekers of all kinds for over 200 years. Whether you’re looking to fish, bike, or rock climb, you’ll find an unparalleled getaway rooted in a colorful historic past.

Fly Fishing  

Albany County and the Laramie area have phenomenal fishing and fly-fishing. Hire a fly-fishing guide to float the North Platte, Miracle Mile, or Grey Reef. Find more fishing information at

Legends of Laramie

Come experience Laramie’s interactive adventure tour, The Legends of Laramie. Travel back in time and watch our colorful past come alive, with fifteen locations throughout the area. View three teasers on the tour page and unlock the entire experience by visiting Laramie.

Legends of Laramie
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