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Laramie Mural Project – Brochure

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3# Tierra y Libertad

Artist: Talal Cockar
Title: Tierra y Libertad, 2011
Location: Big Hollow Food
Co-Op, 119 S. First St.

4# Grainery Grove

Artist: Meghan Meier
Title: Grainery Grove, 2011-2013
Location: The Big Dipper, 111
E. Ivinson Ave. East-facing alley, north wall

5# Prairie Dog Town

Artists: Jeff Hubbell and Lindsay Olson
Title: Prairie Dog Town, 2013
Location: The Curiosity Shoppe, The Herb House, Atmosphere
Mountain Works, between First and Second St., west-facing alley

6# Escape

Artist: Meghan Meier
Title: Escape, 2012
Location: Undercover Beds and
Spas, Second and Garfield St.

7# Hollyhock Haven

Artist: Travis Rhett Ivey
Title: Hollyhock Haven, 2011
Location: City of Laramie
Parking Lot, Custer St. between
First and Second St.

9# Growth

Artist: Dan Toro
Title: Growth, 2012
Location: Source Gas, 416 S.
Third St.

10# Crossing Sherman Hill

Artist: Travis Rhett Ivey
Title: Crossing Sherman Hill, 2013
Location: Modern Printing,
Kearney St. between Third and
Second St.

11# We Built the Dream

Artist: Talal Cockar
Title: We Built the Dream, 2014
Location: 606 S. 2nd Street

12#- 20# Gill Street

12# – 20#
Title: Gill Street
Location: in the alley at 320 S. 2nd Street
12# Colleen Friday
13# Jeff Hubbell
14# Travis Ivey
15# Evan Levi
16# Chelsea Lowry
17# Meghan Meier
18# Lindsay Olson
19# Dan Toro
20# Adrienne Vetter
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Special Thanks

The Laramie Mural Project utilizes local artists to create one-of-a-kind, large-scale murals in the heart of downtown that reflect Laramie’s cultural assets. The mural project is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie artists, downtown business owners and the Laramie Main Street Alliance. Funding for the murals has been provided by community donors through Kickstarter, the Guthrie Family Foundation, City of Laramie, the Laramie Beautification Committee, Warren Federal Credit Union, and the Wyoming Arts Council through the the Wyoming Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information about the Mural Project, visit

Brochure produced by Laramie Main Street Alliance, UW Art Museum and the Albany County Tourism Board – Funded by the 4% Albany County Lodging Tax.

Check out the making of Gill Street at
Photography by BHP Imaging
Graphic Design by Mike Gray, Albany County Tourism Board