Legends of Laramie

Come experience Laramie’s interactive historical adventure tour, The Legends of Laramie. From gun-fights and brothels, to historic landmarks and famous architecture; travel back in time and watch the past come alive. View sneak peeks below and unlock all 15 experiences with your smartphone or tablet in Laramie.

Bucket of Blood Shootout


Bullets and the Bucket of Blood! Experience a wild west shootout on the streets of Laramie.

Watch the Duel

Rodeo’s Roots


Riding. Roping. Racing. Modern day rodeo lives on each July in Laramie.

Cowboy Up

Ames Monument


Uncover the ghost town of Sherman. What you see and what you don’t.

Reveal the Past

Tour Locations

The Legends of Laramie Tour has 15 locations throughout the area. To unlock the full experience, plan your trip to Laramie and watch history come to life.