Climbing Vedauwoo Wyoming

Vedauwoo Climbing Information

Vedauwoo (pronounced VEE-da-voo) offers something for everyone, most notably, great access. Most formations are a short, flat hike from the roads. There are all styles of climbing to be found here, and with perfect pitches and great anchors, you can train here like nobody’s business. But should you decide to take this challenge, don’t forget the tape. The rock is coarse-grained and very sharp.

Known as Joshua Tree’s little cousin without the crowds, Vedauwoo is located right off of Interstate 80. Just a short drive from the Rockies, Tetons and Devils Tower, some call it the climber’s crossroad of America. Known for its excellent cracks—most with chains at the top—Vedauwoo yields excellent temperatures in the summer and is the venerable training ground for those prepping for a trip to Yosemite or Devils Tower. Also included exclusively in this one of a kind guide are new sport climbing areas for those who like to clip and go instead of the good old tape and grovel.

Recommended Climbs

Rip Chords 5.6
Back to Bucket Country 5.6
Ed’s Crack 5.7
Captain Nemo 5.7
Mother #1 5.8


MRC 5.9
Lower Progressive 5.9
Friday the 13th 5.10


The Wing 5.12
Lucille 5.13
Christie’s Ultimatum 5.12b

Vedauwoo History

Vedauwoo is derived from the Arapaho or Cheyenne word meaning “earth born”. The rock making up Vedauwoo’s characteristic hoodoos and outcrops is the 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite. These rocks represent some of the oldest rock in Wyoming (but are still more than a billion years younger than the Tetons). It is exposed at the surface around Vedauwoo due to the uplift of the Laramie Mountains that began around 70 million years ago. Younger layers of rock and sediment have progressively eroded, and this continues today.

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Drive Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming and take exit 329.  From there, turn on road 700 and turn left at the Vedauwoo campground.

Fees and Camping information

Entrance Fee: There is a parking fee ($5/day) if you park in the paved lot of the Main Area.


Camping: There are 2 Forest Service campgrounds with pit toilets near the main area. They go for a small fee of $10/day.

There is also abundant public camping on Forest Service Land in the Vedauwoo area.