Waterfalls of the Laramie Area

by Samuel Trautman, Videography and Photography courtesy of Samuel Trautman

Waterfalls of the Laramie Area



Wyoming Waterfalls near Laramie with Hikes, Video, and  Photos: As the summer heat arrives, a great way to complement that heat is to find a remote waterfall to enjoy. Seeking waterfalls in the Laramie area is a great way to explore new territory and experience the vast playgrounds of public land the Laramie area has to offer. Load up your family or friends and get ready to have some fun!


Hiking to one of Wyoming's Waterfalls near Laramie



1. Middle Fork of the Little Laramie River Falls

Wyoming Waterfall view of the Middle Fork of the Little Laramie River FallsMiddle Fork of the Little Laramie River Waterfalls

This waterfall is tucked into the rugged canyon of the Little Laramie’s middle fork and has two substantial pour-overs of 30-45 feet. The entire waterfall winds through an almost vertical subsection of the canyon and there are multiple vantage points from which to view the falls.



2. Duck Creek Falls


Hidden in the central Laramie Range and part of the Laramie Peak Wildlife Habitat Management Area, Duck Creek Falls boasts a fall of 60 feet with a secondary fall to bolster the scenic beauty of the first.

Duck Creek Falls near Laramie, WyomingDuck Creek Falls scenic photos




3. Little Medicine Bow Falls

Wyoming Waterfalls Little Medicine Bow Falls

A slotted fall with a large pool underneath, the Little Medicine Bow River Falls exists within the rocky, brushy folds of the plains of the Laramie Range. This area has many oases where creeks create marshy fields of grass and meadows.

Enjoy the hike into Little Medicine Bow Falls

Watch these Falls in Virtual Reality from your home!



4. Lake Marie Falls

Wyoming Waterfalls Lake Marie Falls Snowy RangeLake Marie Falls photos just off the road
The most easily-accessed falls on our list is the runoff beneath Lake Marie on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. Just off of Highway 130 at the Lake Marie parking lot, visitors can explore the glacial runoff from the handicap-accessible paved trail and bridge, or cross the highway to see a bonus drop beneath the man-made viaduct. You can also spot little mountain brook trout in the shallow pools below.



5. Hidden Falls

Wyoming Waterfalls Hidden Falls Curt GowdyHidden Falls in Curt Gowdy rocks and water

Located in Curt Gowdy State Park, access to this waterfall is well-marked and part of a network of many other hiking trails for you to enjoy. The waterfall flows into a small crevasse of granite boulders with a natural wading pool. This is a great hike to bring the kids.


6. Sunshine Falls

Sunshine Falls are located near 10,000 feet, so early and late seasons may be affected by snow.

These falls are the perfect hike for a mid-summer day. The falls are easily accessible and marked on the trail, although not viewable from the trail. A hiker can do an “out and back,” or link this trail with others to make a loop. View a video here.



7. Reservoir Lake Falls

These Wyoming waterfalls are located between Reservoir Lake and Meadows Lake just off of Quealy Lake Trail. At 10,800 feet, these falls will be affected by late-season snow and may not be accessible until late June or early July. You may either take the Quealy Lake Trail or the Gap Lakes Trail off of Lewis Lake to access the Quealy Lake Trail. View a video here.



Breathtaking beauty, solitude, and the coolness of fine water droplets surround you in these pristine areas. Find a waterfall to enjoy, and beat the summer heat in the mountains surrounding Laramie.


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