Bear Tree Cafe

Phone: 307-742-2410

Address: 2760 Hwy 130 Centennial WY 82055




The Bear Tree offers homemade soups, salads and dinners to satisfy your needs. The original part of the café, built in 1952. This section seats 30 people, children are welcome and, of course, no smoking. One can enjoy a cocktail as well as a soda here. The newer addition, referred to as the tavern, seats upwards of 60 people and offers the same menu. The difference is no children. Wyoming law requires a person to be at least 21 years of age to be in a liquor dispensing room. Smoking is no longer allowed in the bar. The tavern has occasional live music which gives people a chance to try out the dance floor. There is a banquet type room, perfect for a private party, seating approximately 30 people. It is close to the tavern, yet separate. It is nice for birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, etc. Last, but not least, is the cabana and the well kept yard with the incredible view from our deck. There are several picnic tables, and in the summer music is rampant. So, as you can see, there is definitely a place for you and your family. BEST PIZZA!!