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1100 E. Garfield

This American Craftsman Bungalow was designed by Wilbur A. for Aven Nelson in 1911. Nelson was one of the original founding faculty members of the University of Wyoming in 1887. He was the first professor of Botany and also served as UW’s 10th President. Nelson owned many homes in what is now known as the “tree neighborhood” of Laramie and rented his homes to deans of various colleges as well as to students of UW.

This house is situated on a corner lot with a façade facing north. A bungalow is a small one-story or one-and-a-half-story house, usually having a low profile and of wood-framed construction, popular in the early part of the 20th century, especially in the western United States.

1100-Garfield_280The house is sheathed in its original clapboard siding. All of the windows are wood-framed and original to the home and consist of double-hung sash with the upper sash leaded and colored glass; grouped singly, in pairs and in threes. A gabled dormer extends in each direction from the center of the roof, with the gable ends sheathed with wood shingles. Small shed roofs cover the valleys on the northwest and northeast slopes. The asymmetrical façade features three bays, the central of which is extended by an enclosed porch with a low, hipped roof and features the original three-light wood door. The front dormer has a triple window topped by a protruding wooden beam supported by four evenly spaced blocks. The dormer eaves are boxed and terminate in boxed cornice returns. The east elevation is symmetrical and divided into three bays. A hip-roofed projection extends from the middle bay.

This home was also owned by the Johnson family, who owned a ranch near Centennial and who purchased this property as their townhome.