Historical Living Project Homes

Address: 703 Ivinson Avenue
Style: 1883 Victorian turned Tudor Revival

Address: 318 11th Street
Style: 1914 Craftsman Bungalow

Address: 155, 157 and 159 N. 6th Street
Style: 1883 Front Gable Shotgun, Bath Row

Address: 402 S. 11th Street
Style: Free Classic with Victorian features

Address: 603 Ivinson Avenue
Style: Victorian Queen Anne

Address: 812 Grand Avenue
Style: Eastlake style with hints of Victorian

Address: 415 9th Street
Style: 1916 Queen Anne, Prairie and Stick

Address: 603 Fremont Street
Style: 1886 Folk Pyramid

Address: 1100 E. Garfield
Style: 1911 American Craftsman Bungalow

Address: 715 Ivinson Avenue
Style: 1909 American Craftsman