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*Postponed* Stewarding Wyoming’s Landscapes through Hunting and Fishing

*Postponed* Stewarding Wyoming’s Landscapes through Hunting and Fishing

March 27, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – March 28, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
The Biodiversity Institute
Berry Center 231
Lewis & 10th Streets
*Postponed* Stewarding Wyoming's Landscapes through Hunting and Fishing @ The Biodiversity Institute

**Postponed** Check our website for updated information.

Join us for an event exploring the stewardship of Wyoming’s landscapes through hunting and fishing, featuring hands-on activities, raffles, door prizes, and short talks on habitat conservation and cultural connections to hunting and fishing. This event is free and open to the public.

Friday, March 27, 4-8pm
4:00 pm – Dr. James Nichols, Emeritus scientist, will speak on “Dealing with Uncertainty in Natural Resource Management: An Example of Duck Hunting.”
4:45 pm – Q&A
5:00 pm – Reception
6:00 pm – Author Keith McCafferty will speak on “Fact to Fiction: Fly Fishing and the Art of Storytelling.” The University Store will be selling his books at the event.
6:45 pm – Q&A
7:00 pm – Panel discussion on conservation storytelling

Saturday, March 28, 10am-3pm
The second day is full of talks and activities for all ages.
9:00 am – “Hunting as Stewardship, Stewardship as Advocacy”
9:30 am – “How Wyoming’s Big Game Make Their Epic Migrations”
9:45 am – “Stalking Food and Data: Perspectives from a Female Hunter and Ecologist”
10:00 am – Tour of UW Museum of Vertebrates
10:30 am – “Using Aquatic Invertebrates to Help You Catch More Fish”
10:45 am – “Who Eats What in Wyoming Streams”
11:00 am – “Conservation of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in the Face of Hybridization”
11:15 am – “Linking Cutthroat Trout Behavior to Fisheries Management”
11:30 am – Lunch and activity break
12:00 pm – Panel and Audience Q&A on “Why We Hunt”
1:30 pm – “Cultural Connections to Hunting”
2:20 pm – Final Remarks and Raffle drawings

Saturday events and activities include:
9:00 am to 1:00 pm – fish printing, fly tying, wildlife forage identification, fish identification with UW Museum of Vertebrates and fly rod construction
10:00 am – Tour of UW Museum of Vertebrates
11:30 to noon – Lunch break from talks and activities
1:00 pm – WY Women’s Antelope Hunt
1:00 pm – Tour of UW Museum of Vertebrates
1:00 pm – Telemetry activity
1:00 pm – Sous vide demonstration
1:00 pm – Museum of Vertebrates game bird display and activity
2:20 pm – Final Remarks and Raffle drawings

Raffle items sponsored by Alpacka Raft, Coal Creek TAP, Vortex Optics, Stone Glacier, West Laramie Fly Store and Walmart.